Bringing Change for the Disabled

A business house working for enabling accessibility to the disabled can easily be described as doing this as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), which by law is mandatory for all businesses in India.

Chughtai – Artist from South Asia

Despite all the bad blood that has shed between India and Pakistan, these two countries share a common heritage, which can’t be denied no matter how much one wishes so. This is because of the thousands of years of history we have shared together. One brilliant gem of this common heritage was Muhammad Abdur  Rahman Chughtai (1899-1975), a prominent painter who lived through much of the 20th century.

Saving Energy with Solar Technology

Solar Powered products are not costly and are much affordable than the traditional energy products. If proper care is taken, there is no high cost maintenance required. When we say Solar Powered Van or Vehicle, we must first know & understand whether it is motive power we are talking about or the power being used for powering other appliances inside the vehicle. In the latter case,  it is without any doubt efficient and practically implementable solution. We have installed solar panels atop many such mobile vans, ATM vans, mobile libraries etc.